Know Facts About Cannabis

Cannabis is very addictive drug smoke widely in the US, mainly by you American, majority of because they came from are smoking Cannabis have prior history of alcohol addiction, Cannabis is made primary of specific plants, flowers, stems, seeds and even leaves of hem plant cannabis sativa is the biological name for this plant.

Cigarette joints & pipe are ready for smoke Cannabis , in pubs some also take by mixing in food & drinks because Cannabis smoking produces pungent and very distinctive smell, usually sweet and sour odor easily traceable by police.

Cannabis affects keen as it has strong chemical called THC, when someone smokes Cannabis , the chemical compound spreads from lungs to the bloodstream which carries tarp chemical to human brain and other parts of the body rapidly, THC immediately disables signals on specific side of the brain called “cannobinoid receptors”, which commences series of chemical cellular reactions that leads the person to so called “High” state. In Cannabis Seeds influence pleasure state of mind, memory, thoughts & feelings, increases concentration.

Other than Brain Cannabis affects the rate, which goes up by 30 100 percent within minutes of consumption, the high heart rate remains for 3-8 hours depending on the dose taken, prolong smoking can also cause heart failure or chest painful sensations.

Another major effect by smoking Cannabis is on the Lungs, the smoke contains substance called “carcinogens” it causes lung damage, this substance is also present in tobacco, but releases more in volume when mixed with Cannabis .

Cannabis smoking effects which can get noticed immediately is in daily life of individual, the person becomes less social, even would begin living as the chemical affects the brain and impairs power to think positively, might be been noticed factory workers meet with accidents while working, Cannabis treatment programs are available at several major institutes and organizations, after treatment is over which certainly for long period of time, Cannabis recovery stories are many across all age groups. The programs are developed which helps each to leave Cannabis with ease, regarding mental counseling is provided in such softwares.